Lady Godiva

The lad stared at nude Lady Godiva.
“She ain’t got no knickers on, neiver!”
He muttered, in shock,
As he tugged at his cock,
Moistened somewhat with gobs of saliva.

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4 Responses to “Lady Godiva”

  1. Ranjit Bolt OBE Says:

    When she got the itch, Lady Godiva
    Paid a serf or a servant to swive her
    And their usual quote
    Was no more than a groat
    Which in modern-day money’s a fiver.

  2. Ranjit Bolt Says:

    Ty, Pete. Could you tell me who painted the lady at the top with the magnificent arse? Also, do you publish your (great) limericks? If so, where? Been wondering about trying.

    • pete Says:

      Hi Ranjit. Unfortunatelly I don’t know anymore where I found the lady with the magnificent arse. I tried many years ago to publish a book of limericks. I hawked the manuscript around to a few publishers, but I guess the world wasn’t ready for them! That original manuscript makes up the “Quickies” chapters on my blog. I guess I do publish my limericks now, if you can call a blog publication!

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