January 8, 2019

“I’m a damn filthy slut!” she thought. “Granted!”
Sweat rolled off her flanks, as she panted,
Nude, under the sky,
As she came with a cry,
On the back of her horse, as he cantered!

A little knowledge

January 4, 2019

Having sex, if and when it occurred,
Would involve, (or at least so she’d heard),
His thing, hard, in her own…
Then… Oh God! That alone…
Quite disgusting enough! How absurd!

The luck of the draw

January 3, 2019

Young and innocent, though in full bloom,
Very soon, she could only assume,
Sex would somehow occur,
(Which was quite fine with her),
With somebody or other, but whom?

Christmas cheer

January 2, 2019

“How was Christmas?” she grumbled. “So, so.
All the parties, the shopping. Go! Go!
Hubby wanted a root,
In his Santa Claus suit…
Then he put it on YouTube. Ho! Ho!”

Man’s best friend

January 1, 2019

She’s just standin’ there, cheeky damn bitch,
At the front door, not wearin’ a stitch!
And his best mate’s wife too!
If the poor bastard knew!
What the hell, though? A man ain’t no snitch.

Strange relations

December 31, 2018

Pain or ecstasy? which was it, etched
On her pretty young face, her arse stretched
By her master’s thick cock,
Then, (surprise, if not shock!)
Her mouth too, as she gurgled and retched?

Shock and awe

December 31, 2018

In her cramped little flat, in Westminster,
Determined to not die a spinster,
A virgin old maid,
Although shocked and afraid,
Just the sight of his cock had convinced her!

Living the dream

December 30, 2018

Though he had a big dick, he was dopey,
Ripped, buffed, his veins bulging and ropey.
Not short of a buck,
And a bloody good fuck!
Yeah, life’s good, she thought, just like a soapie!

A bird in the hand

December 30, 2018

Not so young. Twenty five in the shade.
Though he knows he’s been sucked in, been played,
(Flirting, flashing, the booze,)
What’s a bloke got to lose?
Pussy’s pussy. At least he’ll get laid!


December 28, 2018

God! How long could a bloody root take?
Chafed and sweaty, legs starting to shake,
His thighs slapping her bum…
Would the man never come?
Would he not even take a damn break?