The new leaf

August 17, 2017

She just sort of went off that whole scene;
Kinky sex, booze and drugs lost their sheen.
She’d get straight. At least try.
Settle down with some guy.
Have a kid maybe. Know what I mean?


August 17, 2017

The poor girl, so besotted, enamoured;
“Y-yes! Y-y-yes, please!” she stammered.
The words scarce left her mouth
Than, her panties gone south,
She was tits-down, arse-up, being hammered!

Tamper-evident packaging

August 17, 2017

She was kept well, in fact rather pampered.
Butt-naked at all times, she scampered
To fetch him more booze,
Spread her legs, let him choose
With which holes, in which ways, she’d be tampered!


August 15, 2017

Doctor Dickinson’s clever invention
For lessening sexual tension,
If users are careless,
May leave pussies hairless,
A fact he neglected to mention!



August 14, 2017

Though such things were beneath him, ostensibly,
Sometimes, he thought only sensibly,
Burning with lust,
He betrayed women’s trust,
To abuse them, poor souls, indefensibly!

Pros and cons

August 14, 2017

In the taxi, that night, taking stock,
She thought, yeah, he’s a bit of a jock,
Only talks about sport,
TV, crap of that sort,
But my god! What a fabulous cock!

Everything in its place

August 13, 2017

She politely, but firmly declined
When he asked could he try from behind,
Lest it enter his head
To try anal instead,
For which arseholes are poorly designed.

Good wine and good women

August 13, 2017

Grown-up kids and all that, but still lusty,
Great arse, pretty face, nice and busty.
He gave her a screw,
And went down on her too,
Though her pussy did smell a bit musty.

Lady Luck

August 10, 2017

A big gambler, a bit of a joker,
He wagered his girlfriend at poker.
The fellow who won her
Complained, when he’d done her,
The root had been just mediocre.


August 10, 2017

Does God have to be goddamn supreme?
How much less of a god would he seem,
Not to know what she thinks,
If she smokes, fucks and drinks?
Would it ruin some bloody grand scheme?