April 11, 2018

“You damn varmint,” she cried. “Let me loose!”
”Put your cock in your pants and vamoose!”
He growled “Nice bushy hair!
I’ll be puttin’ it where
It’s most likely to be of most use!”


April 11, 2018

Rather cheeky perhaps, a bit rash,
She’d have said no, except for the cash,
“Get your tits out and smile,”
He said. “Yeah, That’s the style!
Wait, I’ll just set my camera to FLASH.”

Jolly Roger

April 10, 2018

Back when pirates held sway and marauded,
The word was wild, harsh and disordered,
Life brutish and short,
Rape a regular sport…
Damn exciting, although, of course, sordid!

Second thoughts

April 8, 2018

Things have not gone according to plan,
From the moment this damn night began.
A few drinks with some friends,
Now god knows how it ends;
Naked, tied to the bed by this man!



Slim pickings

April 8, 2018

Still flat-chested and thin, a late bloomer;
That didn’t upset his good humour.
Adept, but still learning
To please the discerning,
If rather demanding consumer!

Low-hanging fruit

April 8, 2018

She was succulent! Juicy and ripe!
A bit young, if you heed all that hype
About dirty old men.
She’d have sex soon, just when?
What a pity he wasn’t that type!

The munchies

April 5, 2018

Although not one to crap on or boast,
He’s, in fact, a lot bigger than most,
And ten minutes before,
She was screaming for more …
Now she’s there, drinking tea, eating toast!

The jealous wife

April 4, 2018

There she was, wearin’ nary a stitch,
With my husband, the slutty damn bitch!
I said, aimin’ my gun,
“Dirty cunt! Havin’ fun?”
She said “Shoot me. Just scratchin’ an itch.”

Her good deed for the day

April 4, 2018

She’d said yes, although not much inclined,
Sort of, frankly, well, just to be kind.
Not the best root she’d had,
But it wasn’t that bad,
Just a root, and she didn’t much mind.

The small print

April 3, 2018

Well, of course, rules are meant to be bent,
Which applied, she supposed, to consent.
Just to tick yes or no,
Not say where it could go,
Meant to not have a say where it went.