Pussy cat

October 23, 2018

Tanned and taut, tresses tangled and tawny,
A lioness, prowling! Too corny.
A pussy cat, then?
Or perhaps, like most men,
Just the sight of her makes him damn horny!


Prince Charming

October 22, 2018

“Well, well, well!” she thought. “This is just charming!
Stripped naked, tied up. Quite alarming!
And what’s he got planned
With that thing in his hand,
That look like… Oh God! Something for farming?”


Life’s a bitch

October 22, 2018

After five or six beers, she’s groggy…
And randy! Her knickers are soggy!
Next thing she knows, she’s
On her hands and her knees,
Being rooted by somebody, doggy!


Woman’s best friend

October 22, 2018

The whole night was a blur, lost in fog.
She conceded she’d had too much grog,
Which might help explain how
She’s just woken up now,
Naked, snuggled up next to her dog!



October 19, 2018

“”Yes, I promised to love and obey…
And I wouldn’t have fucked him. No way!
It was just some damn bloke!”
She said. “Kind of a joke…
And I just sucked his cock, like. Okay?”


Moody nude

October 19, 2018

“Look”, she said. “I’d just like to suggest
That we stop now, get up and get dressed.
I’m just not in the mood,
Just right now, to be screwed.
If you still want to, though, be my guest.”



October 19, 2018

“Look”, she said. “It was wrong, but so what?
I was drunk. I was horny, why not?
He’s your best mate, I know,
And I should have said no…
At the time though, I sort of forgot!”


Hot stuff

October 19, 2018

“Look'” she said. “I do like you a lot,
And I’d root you, more likely than not,
Anytime! Anyhow!
Only not just right now.
I’m so shagged, and it’s too bloody hot!”


First impressions

October 19, 2018

” I like sex. It’s a question of who,”
She explained. “If the answer is you,
I quite like what I see,
So, if you fancy me,
Since you ask, I don’t mind if I do!”


Fine print

October 18, 2018

Her consent had been hotly disputed;
His claim that she had, she refuted;
“Did too!”
“Yeah, but not where I poo!”
Though by which time, of course, she’d been rooted!